Iterated Belief Change

(IJCAI 2019/ PRICAI 2019; Postgrad/Faculty)

3 1/2 hour tutorial, co-written with Richard Booth, aimed at an advanced computer science audience. Covers the current state of the art in work on iterated belief change in the tradition of AGM.

Knowledge, Rationality, Belief

(La Trobe 2016; Undergrad)

A second year introduction to contemporary epistemology, covering a range of core topics including the nature and value of knowledge, rational belief and practical interests, contemporary responses to skepticism, judgment aggregation, the wisdom of the crowds and experimental epistemology.

Twentieth Century Philosophy

(Co-designed with Yuri Cath; La Trobe 2016; Undergrad.)

A standard introduction to the early development of analytic philosophy, covering the work of major figures such as Moore, Russell, Wittgenstein, Ayer, Quine, Grice and Austin. Built around selections from Soames’ two-volume Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth Century.

Elements of Deductive Logic

(Leuven 2012; Undergrad)

An introduction to logic, providing an overview of basic propositional and predicate logic, as well as a cursory glimpse of some more advanced topics, such as many-valued logics. The course textbook was Restall’s Logic: An Introduction, supplemented with selections from Priest’s An Introduction to Non-Classical Logic. An earlier version, incorporating some modal logic, was co-taught with Lorenz Demey.

Modelling Rational Belief

(Bayreuth 2010-2011; Postgrad)

A state-of-the-art introduction to the formal modelling of rational belief, which is a central concern to disciplines ranging from philosophy to AI, through economics and statistics. We covered (i) graded belief, (ii) full belief and (iii) the relation between the two. Regarding (i) we examineed the main tenets of what is known as ‘objective Bayesianism’. We also reviewed the debate on probabilities of conditionals. Regarding (ii), we covered some of the principal topics in belief revision theory, as well as the Ramsey test for conditionals. We wrapped things up with (iii), and a look at the latest work on the lottery paradox.

The Evolution of the Social Contract

(Bayreuth 2010/2011; Postgrad)

A chapter-by-chapter examination of Skyrms’ acclaimed work on the biological evolution of the social contract. We covered, back to back, both his Lakatos prize -winning The Evolution of the Social Contract and its follow-up, The Stag Hunt and the Evolution of Social Structure.

Paradoxes of Rationality

(Bayreuth 2010/2011; Undergrad)

A tour of a large selection of fascinating puzzles and paradoxes that challenge commonly-held views on practical and theoretical rationality. Paradoxes covered range from the Two Envelope problem to the Doomsday paradox, through Pollock’s Ever Better Wine.

Decision Theory, with Applications to Epistemology

(Leuven 2009; Postgrad)

An introductory overview of classical decision theory, some of the associated difficulties and the potential points of contact with epistemology (Pascal’s Wager, decision-theoretic accounts of acceptance,…).

Darwin in Philosophy

(Glasgow 2008; Undergrad / Postgrad)

An overview of various points of contact between evolutionary theory and philosophy, with some basic philosophy of biology thrown in. Covered various evolutionary approaches to mind, epistemology and ethics. The material is starting to look rather dated, but I’m posting it in case it turns out to be  helpful to somebody.

Belief & Inquiry

(Glasgow 2008; Undergrad / Postgrad)

An introduction to the literature on degrees of belief and the rational constraints thereon, with a focus on the Bayesian literature. The aim was to provide the student with basic tools to engage with some of the more formal work in contemporary epistemology and philosophy of science. The material is starting to look rather dated, but I’m posting it in case it turns out to be  helpful to somebody.


(Glasgow 2007; Postgrad)

A seminar-based course in metaphysics, co-taught with Nikk Effingham.

Metaphysics - The Nature of Being

(Birkbeck 2006; Undergrad)

An introduction to some key issues in metaphysics, covering universals, substances, modality, causation, laws of nature, etc. A large chunk of the course was based on Loux’s Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction. Feel free to email me if you want a copy of the slides.